New Retail Chief Ahrendts to Oversee Apple Store Restructuring, New Store Construction [iOS Blog]

June 16, 2014 § Leave a comment

ahrendtsheadshot.jpgAngela Ahrendts has plans to initiate a major restructuring of Apple’s Retail stores to promote better customer service and to streamline operations, reports 9to5Mac. At the current point in time, stores are organized into geographical regions, but Ahrendts wants to restructure, instead grouping stores based on sales volume and customer demographics.

This means that stores will now be grouped by how much of certain products they sell. This will heighten customer satisfaction and streamline Apple retail operations as now similar stores will have similar leadership and similar promotions. This move is not designed to institute John Browett-likely sales targets, but it is planned to create even more tailored experiences to individual stores.

In a letter sent to retail employees earlier this month, Ahrendts said she plans to “focus on and evolve the customer journey online and in our stores.” She wants customers to “feel surprised and delighted” by a personalized Apple experience.

Ahrendts has already restructured some of the retail executives working under her to streamline her department, and along with expressing interest in a redesign of the “end-to-end Apple Store sales experience,” she may also have plans to focus on an in-store mobile payments solution and furthering Apple’s business in China.

Ahrendts is expected to oversee the opening of 20 new Apple Stores in China through 2016, along with a new high-profile store in Italy and new locations across the United States.

from MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors – All Stories

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